Author(s): Yu Tat Wai (ESCE)
Technology acceptance model (TAM) has populated in the information system (IS) researches and it has also been applied to online consumer behavior in the literature. This paper aims to further investigate the role of information quality on online product review. It primarily depicts consumer acceptance of such uses with the TAM constructs. And on top of that, concerns of consumer research are addressed. This combination forms an integrated theoretical framework of online consumer behavior. Specifically, this research examines how information quality of bulletin board, or alike, influences online consumers' intention to review product on that site. It is a questionnaire-based empirical study. Analysis with a sample of 716 shows reasonably good fit in a structural equation model (SEM) on the proposed hypotheses. It thus provides a more vigorous cause-and-effect view and is a significant step towards a better understanding of consumer behavior online.