As a publicly-funded, multi-disciplinary, and practice-oriented higher education institution, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) offers degree programmes of direct relevance to Macao's socioeconomic development. Meet us at the MPI Open Day 2019 to experience our campus and find out more about our student-centred learning and educational quality.

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Undergraduate Programme Presentations


Time Programme Venue
15:15-15:30 Introduction to business programmes LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
15:30-15:45 Accounting* LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
15:45-16:00 Gaming and Recreation Management* LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:00-16:15 Marketing LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:15-16:30 E-Commerce * LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:30-16:45 Management LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:45-17:30 Sharing of Alumni of Business & Management LT2, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:00-16:15 Sino-Lusophone Trade Relations Auditorium



Time Programme Venue
15:15 – 15:30 Computing* Auditorium



Time Programme Venue
15:30-15:45 Social Work* Auditorium
15:45-16:00 Public Administration (Chinese) Auditorium
16:00-16:15 Public Administration (Portuguese*) Auditorium



Time Programme Venue
16:30-16:45 Chinese-Portuguese/ Portuguese-Chinese Translation and Interpretation* Auditorium
16:45-17:00 Portuguese Language Auditorium
17:00-17:15 Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation* Auditorium
17:15-17:30 International Chinese Language Education Auditorium



Time Programme Venue
15:15-15:45 Music* LT3, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
15:45-16:15 Visual Art* LT3, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg
16:15-16:45 Design* LT3, 1/F, Wui Chi Bldg



Time Programme Venue
15:30 - 16:00/16:30 - 17:00 Biomedical Technology (Medical Laboratory / Pharmacy Technology)* M607, 6 /F, Meng Tak Bldg
15:30 - 16:00/16:30 - 17:00 Nursing* M604, 6 /F, Meng Tak Bldg



Time Programme Venue
15:15 – 16:00 Physical Education* P107, 1 /F, Multisport Pavilion

*Academically / professionally validated programmes.
Enquiries concerning Joint Master’s Degree and PhD Programmes can be made at the Registry booth.
Redeem your souvenir by presenting the stamps received from two sessions of programme presentation. Souvenirs are available while stocks last (redemption counter at the main entrance).

Exciting Events

Time Activities Venue
14:00-17:30 Campus Tour Campus tour starts at the reception every 30 mins
MPI Publications Display 2/F, Chi Un Bldg (Auditorium)
This is How We Interpret B303, 3/F, Chi Un Bldg
CPR, Wound dressing, Baby bathing, BM test, BP, BMI, Simman demonstration 7/F, Meng Tak Bldg
Clinical microscopy examination, Exhibition of anatomical specimens, Chemical analysis of Kiwifruit, Preparation and evaluation of moisturizer, Extraction of natural herbs, Preparation of hard gelatin capsules 8/F, Meng Tak Bldg
14:30-17:00 Sports Physiology Lab(Open for public fitness test) P116, 1/F, Multisport Pavilion
14:30-17:30 Music Fun Paradise (Vocal, Piano and Instrument Solo and Ensemble, Percussion Workshop) Campus Garden, Chi Un Bldg and 4/F, Meng Tak Bldg
Performance by Students and Alumni
Workshop ( Printmaking, Ceramics, Chinese Painting, Sketch, Sculpture ), Art Work Display A106, A107, A108, A109, A111 and Recreation Area, G/F, Chi Un Bldg
Bookbinding workshop, Portrait drawing, Studio photography, interactive installation experience, Best student work display 4/F & 5/F, Wui Chi Bldg,
3D printing, Lazer cutting & CNC demonstration 3D Workshop, Meng Tak Bldg
15:00-17:30 Sharing of IT Education and Research Experience Digital Gallery, 3/F, Block A, Chi Un Bldg


As the first higher education institution in Macao to have undergone a successful institutional review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), UK, Macao Polytechnic Institute has received a judgement of “confidence” in terms of its academic standards, quality of learning opportunities, information about learning opportunities, and enhancement of learning quality. Many of our programmes have also been academically or professionally validated individually, enabling us to provide an ideal academic environment for our students. We sincerely invite you to join the MPI Family.


Travel Advice

We strongly recommend that you use public transport or walk to us, if at all possible.

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