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Book Club

Unit Commended: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Good Practice Recognised: Book Club
Description: The Book Club was set up in January 2016 and has been hosted for four years so far. Over a hundred students participated. The Book Club is held every two weeks, hosted by teachers from the Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration (Chinese) Program. Every session, participating students select books that they are interested in, with no limits to the content, and spend approximately 15 minutes to share their thoughts, followed by feedback from the host (teacher) and discussions with their peers.
Merits The main advantages of this activity are: 
  1. To offer students opportunities to exchange ideas with their teachers and peers; 
  2. To encourage students to read more through positive peer influence; 
  3. To increase students' interest in reading and widen the scope of their readings; 
  4. To provide students the opportunity to see angles all around them; 
  5. Through discussion students can better understand that there are many sides to every story and learn to be more creative and flexible.
Wu, one of our graduates who joined the Book Club since a sophomore, said that she was rather introverted when she was first admitted to the Public Administration Program and did not dare to speak. After taking part in the Book Club, she made great improvement in public speaking and communication skills in both her in-class presentations and daily life. The Book Club has also exposed her to a wider range of readings and broadened her horizons. After graduating from MPI, Wu was admitted to a Master's program at Taiwan University and is currently studying in Taiwan.


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