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Research and Exhibition on the Teaching of Intangible Cultural Heritage Branding Design in Macao

Unit Commended: Faculty of Arts and Design
Good Practice Recognised: Research and Exhibition on the Teaching of Intangible Cultural Heritage Branding Design in Macao

This project was carried out by Associate Professor Lei Cheng Cheong and Lecturer Wong Chi Kwan, tutors of the Faculty of Arts and Design's Design Programme, through the subjects of "Brand Identity Design" and "Packaging Design". They led the third-year students to conduct field research, discovery, revitalisation and the creative transformation of Macao's intangible cultural heritage, including its current state of conservation, spiritual connotation and symbolic value.

Eight projects, including the art of making Tang cakes, the art of making butter cakes, Portuguese folk dance, preparation of herbal tea, wood carving - carving of idols, A-Ma beliefs, the art of making cold fruits, and the art of making dragon whiskers candy, were designed and packaged.

The content of the module is based on the knowledge of brand image design, and the assignments are combined with the theme of the intangible cultural heritage of Macao, interviewing intangible cultural heritage heirs and investigating visual culture, and carrying out design practice. The tutors invited outstanding design alumni to be the design consultants for each group to provide professional advice from the industrialisation perspective so that the design results can have better market effectiveness. After the completion of the project, the student's work was exhibited to the general public and was well received by the industry, the society and the industry. The feedback from the students was also very positive.


This project achieves the following three features:

1. Teaching objectives and beliefs

To provide students with the opportunity to understand and explore Macao's intangible cultural heritage, to pass on good culture, to further apply what they have learnt and integrate it with the needs of society, to transform creativity into practical achievements, and to promote Macao's urban cultural charm.

2. Teaching methods and effectiveness

Through the application of professional knowledge in design thinking, students will be guided to discover characteristics and problems from cultural observation, discover the needs of the target audience, and develop concepts from the aesthetic and design perspectives, combined with the guidance of external professional designers, design works from the perspective of market application, and finally validate the learning outcomes in the form of an exhibition to enable students to master the professional knowledge of brand design and image promotion. This will enable students to acquire professional knowledge in the branding and image promotion streams. The above experience will form a good teaching model.

3. The dual purpose of promoting the quality of teaching at MPU and the culture of Macao

Through this project, we are able to realize the positioning of MPU as a research and applied for university, combining the strengths of industry, academia and research, and to further inform the Macao society of the contribution of MPU's design profession, while promoting the unique cultural charm of Macao and creating positive cultural and economic benefits.


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