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Advisory Board Guidelines


    1. At the Macao Polytechnic University (hereinafter referred to as ‘the University’), each academic unit is required to set up an advisory board in each of the subject area(s) in which the unit offers degree programme(s).
    2. This board acts as an interface between industry or community at large and the programme(s) concerned. Views from the advisory board will be sought from time to time with respect to programme and curriculum design, students’ job prospects, employers’ views on graduates as well as industry and community needs etc.

    1. Advisory board members shall mainly be chosen from the community. They should be either well-established academics or respectable professionals or business executives who are willing to spare their time in assisting the University.
    2. The size of the advisory board may vary (normally not less than 3 members) depending on the subject area concerned. Ideally the board should have a good mix of academics and practitioners.
    3. Advisory board members are normally appointed for a term of two academic years which is subject to renewal. While no maximum number of years of service will be stipulated for a board member, the unit concerned is encouraged to look for new individuals for appointment to bring in fresh ideas to the board.

    1. An advisory board shall normally meet at least once a year to advise and look into the following aspects of work including future development of the programme(s) concerned:
      • Relevance of learning modules and curricula in relating to industry and community needs;
      • Prospects of employment for graduates;
      • Adequacy of equipment and other resources of the academic unit to meet industry and community needs;
      • Development of teaching and other activities carried out by the programme(s) in conjunction with relevant sectors of the community, and
      • All other aspects relevant to the future development of the programme(s).
    2. The advisory board shall among others receive an annual report on various issues related to the programme(s) prior to board meeting.

    1. An advisory board shall comprise:
      • A chair, appointed by Director of Academic Unit from amongst board members; and
      • Board members, nominated by Programme Coordinator and appointed by Director of Academic Unit.
    2. Advisory board members shall not include staff of the University. Those who are currently serving as external examiners of relevant programme(s) should also be excluded from the board. In principle one person should not serve on more than one advisory board unless the appointment is justifiable.
    3. The composition of the advisory board will be reported to the Administrative Board via Director of Academic Unit.
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