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Quality Framework

Quality assurance is an integral part of the educational culture at the Macao Polytechnic University (MPU). The University expects all its staff and students to participate in the quality assurance process and feel ownership of it. The framework for maintaining academic standards and quality of learning opportunities provides a wide range of opportunities for them to participate in the academic management of the University. The quality culture is based on collegiality, acceptance of responsibility and self-respect. In essence, the University believes that educational quality and quality assurance are collective institutional responsibilities. The University strives to establish an effective communication system that facilitates the dissemination of good practices in quality assurance throughout the organisation.

In line with the plans to further develop its quality systems, MPU’s quality framework is based around the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which has been taken as an example of best practice. As an outcome-based approach of practice is adopted at MPU, the framework goes hand in hand with MPU’s Vision and Mission statements, its Teaching and Learning Guidelines, and the Overall Policy and Development Plan for 2021-2025. Substantially, MPU’s quality framework comprises:

To facilitate the quality assurance processes, a Quality Assurance Handbook is produced as a comprehensive point of reference.

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