About MPU

Vision, Guiding Values and Mission



The MPU vision is to become a multidisciplinary higher education institution excelling in both teaching and research contributing to Macao, the country and the world.

This vision has been included in the MPU motto ‘Knowledge, Expertise, Global Vision’. MPU’s students shall be conversant with both general and specialised knowledge, and well-versed in both Chinese and Western cultures and values.

Guiding Values:

MPU firmly believes in and adheres to the following values:

  • We consider that one’s lives and insights should be based on extensive knowledge;
  • We subscribe to the ethos of academic freedom;
  • We believe that excellence should be pursued by our staff and students;
  • We subscribe to the fine traditions of both Eastern and Western values characterised by all-roundedness and expertise;
  • We adopt a practical approach to doing things;
  • We abide by high moral standards;
  • We consider that teamwork and collegiality are important in our daily life;
  • We are committed to excellence and innovation in teaching and research;
  • We consider that communication skills, personal dialogues and exchanges are essential to success;
  • We adopt a positive attitude towards life.


  • To provide quality higher education, striving to increase MPU’s academic influence locally and internationally;
  • To cultivate high-quality graduates, making contributions to the development of Macao and the neighbouring regions in the socio-economic domain, in science and technology, in cultural and other spheres.


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