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Laboratory of Sports Science

Located on first floor of MPI pavilion, Laboratory of Sports Science of ESCSD consists of Exercise Physiology Lab(P116) and Sports Biochemistry Lab(P120). Laboratory of Sports Science not only undertakes  experimental teaching work of master of science in sports and physical education and bachelor of physical education, but also carries out a set of research projects involving exercise and health, monitoring of performance in elite athletes. Dozens of research papers completed in this laboratory have published in mainstream SCI journals.


Cortex Metalyzer 3B spiroergometry, Monark 894E/839E ergometer, H /p/cosmos Plusar 3P treadmill, GE Vivid Q ultrasound echocardiograph, Roche cobas e 411 analyzer, Sysmex UC 3500 urine analyzer, Roche Reflotron Plus System, Abbott i-STAT® 1 handheld blood analyzer, EKF Scout 4 lactate analyzer, Inbody 720 body composition analyzer etc.


Monitoring body functional performance of athletes, Theory and methodology of physical fitness assessment, Exercise physiology, Sports biochemistry, Measurement and evaluation in physical education,Master thesis, Bachelor graduation report etc.


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