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Nursing Skills Laboratories

7th floor, Meng Tak Building

Nursing Laboratories are simulated as clinical wards in which nursing students can practice their nursing skill and technique. Nursing laboratories are composed of fundamental and specialist nursing, opened to all our nursing students, so as to strengthen their nursing knowledge and provide a suitable place for them to practice.

M717 - Community Health Care and Health Assessment Room

A specialist nursing laboratory, aims for health promotion and health education, is divided into Community Health Nursing and Health Assessment.

Community Health Nursing area provides a simulated home-liked situation with health assessment equipment such as blood pressure monitors, digital scales and breast models with interchangeable nodules, so that students can practice how to promote community health care to the public. Many reference books and CDs are also available for students to consult more information related to health promotion and education.

M718 - Nursing Skill Practice Room

A hospital-unit-simulated practice room with 135m2 consists of 9 hospital beds, equipped with basic patient care simulators and nursing care models such as injection models, advanced venepuncture arms, catheterization models and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRP) models, tube feeding trainer and physical assessment trainer etc... for nursing students to train up their nursing skills.

M719 - Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatric Nursing Room

In preparing nursing students' skills in maternity and infant care, models such as baby models are equipped for nursing students to practice baby bathing, measure baby’s height and weight with a digital pediatric scale with digital baby length measuring device, and check jaundice with a non-invasive bilirubin measuring device. There are also obstetric examination simulators for nursing students to practice, and many obstetrics models show the different stages of development of fetus inside the uterus.

M720 - SimMan Room

SimMan 3G, a scenario-based simulation is equipped for teaching. It can display a wide range of physiological and neurological symptoms as well as pharmacological responses for over 145 drugs. Teachers can train nursing students by setting different kinds of scenarios with the simulator, which perfectly combines the need to identify the skill improvement areas for students as well as those essentials for a group of nursing students to work out together, such as critical thinking, communication and team spirit.

M722 Observation Room

Observation room consists of one-way mirrors, through which teachers can observe students’ response and reaction while they are practicing the simulator training. The computer system of the simulator is equipped to control the simulators in the M720 SimMan Room.

M723 - Demonstration Room

A demonstration room equipped with high fidelity simulators such as Nursing Anne Simulator and Advanced Life Simulator, with which teachers can teach and demonstrate different nursing skills to students; whereas, herb samples and Chinese medicine equipment are also equipped, so as to provide a Chinese-western nursing learning environment for our nursing students.

M724 - Intensive Care Unit Room

A specialist nursing practice room equipped with patient monitors, portable ventilators, chest compression system, emergency cart, procedure cart, and SimMan ALS models with critical cases for teaching and practice.


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