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Dean's Message

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports of the Macao Polytechnic University adheres to the teaching philosophy of "Enjoy learning, stay healthy, and serve the community". Our bachelor's degree programmes include well-established programmes in nursing and medical laboratory technology, as well as the SAR's first programme in sports. All programmes in our Faculty have passed academic reviews by international authoritative evaluation organizations for higher education. Coupled with our programme in speech and language therapy, our programmes and the curriculum are stimulating our students' aspiration for lifelong learning, aligned with the related policies in nurturing talents in health sciences and sports, catering to the rising social needs for human resources with professional qualifications and capabilities.

Currently, it is the prime time to build close ties with our neighbouring regions, while the whole nation is heading towards integration, and the international community as well. As such, new opportunities are emerging, though challenges are looming ahead. We hereby encourage our young students to keep learning and improving. Here at our Faculty, our programmes are serving as platforms for teachers to provide guidance and students are at the centre of learning. We strive to open a new chapter for our students' learning experience, to provide an ideal teaching environment, facilitating academic exchanges, and extracurricular activities. Our Faculty boasts a total of 17 research laboratories for specific purposes, and a well-equipped sports pavilion, as well as potential internship opportunities in local organizations and even in Portugal. Our ultimate goal is to implement equal emphasis on theory and practice, and to nurture talents with theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

To keep pace with the rapid progress of social development, we have launched the master's and doctoral programmes successively. Currently, the two master's programmes in nursing and sports have been launched already. In cooperation with other leading universities in neighbouring areas, we have launched a joint master's programme in medical examination with Chung Shan Medical University; a joint postgraduate programme with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and a doctoral programme in sports with the Shanghai University of Sports. These programmes were launched to meet the continuous needs of our students to keep learning, to pursue cutting-edge knowledge and skills in professional fields, and to develop critical thinking and analytical ability. It is hoped that these programmes will help our students to give full play to their unique advantages, and transform themselves into knowledgeable, scientific, communicative, emotionally competent, and competitive elites.

You are all warmly welcome to join our big family at MPU and to experience a wonderful campus life here. Meanwhile, we sincerely invite you to share the honours brought by our graduates. We are pleased to witness our students entering into society and getting recognition among people from all walks of life, winning numerous medals and awards. Our Faculty will continue to keep close contact with our graduates, to keep an eye on the latest developments in the community and to adjust our strategies timely. We are resolved to provide the strongest backing for every student and will keep you all accompanied in your endeavours to "Broaden your international perspectives, and overcome difficulties and challenges in life."

Ng San Fan, Kenny
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports

Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports

Dr. Ng San Fan, Kenny

Associate Professor

Tel (853) 8599 6831
Fax (853) 2851 8538
Office Room 112, 1/F, Multi-Sport Pavilion

Associate Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports

Dr. Lam Nogueira Oi Ching Bernice

Associate Professor

Tel (853) 8599 3445
Fax (853) 2875 3159
Office Room M712, 7/F, Meng Tak Building



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