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Information Technology (IT) Facilities

IT facilities are becoming a key factor in providing an up-to-date teaching and learning environment in the new era. The Macao Polytechnic University is keen to equip the campus with an efficient and effective IT infrastructure and computing environment in order to cope with the evolving needs of the faculty and provide our students the conditions they may expect to find in their future work place. The Information Technology Department is a one-stop shop of the University providing all computing related facilities and services on campus.

Our campus IT facilities include a significant number of networked computers providing access to online services, Email and the Internet.Currently, there are 22 computer laboratories spread across several campus locations providing more than 1,000 computers for student access. Among the 22 computer laboratories, 19 of these laboratories are equipped with Intel based PCs and 3 laboratories are equipped with Power Macintoshes. There are more than 100 software titles installed in the computer laboratories supporting teaching, and research of the University. At the main campus, there are 16 computer laboratories, and one of these laboratories is a dedicated self-study computer laboratory. Selected computer laboratories including the self-study laboratory are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excluding public holidays, which are reserved for laboratory maintenance) for student access. Six computer-based multimedia language laboratories are available for the teaching and learning of language subjects. Four of these language laboratories are located in the main campus, and two of these laboratories are located in the MPU-Bell Centre of English. 

All classrooms are equipped with a networked computer, a ceiling-mounted LCD projector with an audio/visual equipment connection panel and an audio system. All computers on campus have Internet access, thus providing access to the wide range of educational resources available from the Internet.

Campus wireless network running at 11 Mbps (supports IEEE 802.11b standard) had been installed since 2001 covering most campus locations. With the recent wireless network upgrade at the main campus now support wireless network running at 54 Mbps (supports IEEE 802.11g standard). 

Cyber cafés and information kiosks are available at a number of campus locations offering latest campus news and Internet access for students and visitors. Broadband Internet connections are provided in our student hostels to allow students to connect their computers to access the Internet within their rooms. 

Canvas is in use in the University offering our teachers and students an online teaching and learning management platform. There are close to 40 information systems in use at the University to support various administrative and academic tasks. A growing number of information systems are becoming web-based in order to provide convenient user access. A helpdesk counter of the Information Technology Department is located at A201 at the main campus to provide IT support services to all staff and students.

For detailed information on computing facilities and services, users should visit the Information Technology Department's website and refer to the Centre publication “Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook for staff”, and “Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook for students”. Printed versions of the handbooks are distributed annually via the Information Technology Department, and the electronic versions of the handbooks are also available from the Information Technology Department’s web site (student version) and the electronic document management system (staff version).

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