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Global Accreditation of MPU for Quality Education

Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) receives global accreditation for its quality education through a successful International Quality Review by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (UKQAA), with the areas of student research and talent cultivation being recognised as good practices. The review took place in 2022 alongside a successful Institutional Accreditation as stipulated by the Macao higher education law, recognising MPU’s multidisciplinary education and its high standard of scholarship in both teaching and applied research. This global accreditation not only enriches the University’s international profile but also strengthens the global impact of Macao higher education.

Comprehensive Alignment with International Standards

The accreditation was conducted by the UKQAA, a global leader in higher education quality assurance, after a comprehensive review in areas such as academic strengths, research capabilities and talent cultivation. Their review findings indicate that MPU meets international standards across all its academic areas, such as education, arts, languages, social and behavioural sciences, business and administration, information and communication technologies, health sciences, social services, sports, tourism and recreation management. In particular, two good practices are recognised in light of MPU’s student research and innovation as well as its comprehensive talent cultivation model according to the International Quality Review Report. This, once again, demonstrates MPU’s internationally recognised strengths in student-centred quality education.

The First University in Asia Having a Successful Institutional Review by UKQAA

Being the pioneer in higher education quality assurance in Macao, MPU has been assuring its education provision through academic reviews since 2006. MPU is the first higher education institution in Asia having a successful institutional review by UKQAA in November 2013. QAA made the judgements of “Confidence” in terms of 4 aspects – academic standards of its awards, quality of the learning opportunities available to students, information produced about its higher education provision, and enhancement of the learning opportunities available to students. The 2022 accreditation serves as a revalidation of MPU’s quality education. It demonstrates that MPU has met all 10 standards set out by the European Higher Education Area for universities across Europe, adhering to MPU’s long-standing commitment to international benchmarking and continuous quality enhancement.

Commitment to Academic Excellence

In pursuance of excellence, MPU is proactive in optimising its educational quality through academic review and accreditation. Its education provision and its commitment to quality teaching and learning have been widely acclaimed by various authoritative quality assurance bodies and professional institutions across the globe, marking milestones in the development of higher education quality assurance in Macao. Committed is MPU to academic excellence, nurturing high-calibre and globally-competitive professionals serving the society.

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