Peking University Nursing Simulation Center

The Peking University Nursing Simulation Center (PKUNSC) was founded in 1986 and underwent an overall renovation in 2015. The total area is more than 1,300 square meters, with several specialized nursing experimental teaching modules.

The center has always been adhering to the concept of "Education-oriented, Innovation, Integration of Science, Education and Industry". It develops standardized, high-quality simulation teaching platform by drawing on international advanced and mature simulation teaching concepts and training systems. It allows students to explore experiential learning in a virtual imitation environment. Meanwhile, the center keeps to launch in-service training and the seminars on simulation teaching to improve the teaching competencies for clinical nurses and nursing faculties.

【Fundamental Nursing Simulation Teaching Module】

Fundamental nursing simulation teaching module mainly consists of a basic nursing and health assessment module with 6 simulated general wards and 30 simulated beds. In the simulated ward environment, students can use nursing skills trainer, intelligent cardiopulmonary auscultation models, standardised case models for abdominal palpation, and Harvey high-fidelity cardiopulmonary simulator to carry out nursing skill training, health assessment and other basic courses and bridge courses.

Simulated General Ward
Harvey High-fidelity Cardiopulmonary Simulator
Intelligent Cardiopulmonary Auscultation Models
【Specialized Nursing Skills Simulation Teaching Module】

Specialized Nursing Skills Simulation Teaching Module mainly includes medical nursing, surgical nursing, critical care, gynecologic and obstetric nursing, pediatric nursing, community nursing, geriatric nursing and rehabilitation nursing and other units, with spaces for simulated ICU, operating room, maternity ward, pediatric ward and home environment.

Simulated Ward for Critical Care Unit
SimMan High-fidelity Simulator
Simulated Operating Room
Simulated Ward for Gynecologic and Obstetric Nursing
Simulated Ward for Pediatric Nursing
Simulated Ward for Pediatric Nursing
【Humanistic Training Module】

Humanistic Training Module mainly includes nursing etiquette, nursing psychology, with psychological laboratory and simulated home.

Psychological Laboratory
【Experimental Innovation Platform】

The Centre actively builds a platform for simulation innovation and research. On the one hand, it promotes the development of nursing-related virtual simulation projects for students and teachers. On the other hand, centering on the course objectives, the combination of the virtual and the real enables students to explore experiential learning in a virtual simulation environment, continuously improving the quality of teaching and cultivating innovative talents.


【Nursing Practice Teaching Bases】

Having the clinical medical schools and teaching hospitals of Peking University Health Science Center as major teaching bases, the School has also combined its characteristics and actual needs of clinical teaching, and expanded the range of teaching bases to better suit the teaching characteristics of nursing discipline. Until now, there have been 22 teaching bases, including 6 affiliated hospitals of Peking University, which are important bases for the training of high-level clinical nursing professionals.

Peking University First Hospital
Peking University People’s Hospital
Peking University Third Hospital
Peking University Sixth Hospital
Beijing Cancer Hospital
Peking University Hospital of Stomatology

Unveiling Ceremony for School of Nursing Practice Teaching Bases


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