The Macao Polytechnic Institute Student Expectations

The Macao Polytechnic University Student Expectations was developed by both the academic staff and Students' Union of MPU, representing therefore a mutual agreement between MPU and its students.

What do students expect from MPU?

  • High quality teaching that is informed by research.
  • Respect of all students from different backgrounds and with different views.
  • An enhanced academic experience as well as opportunities for personal development via the provision of a range of learning opportunities.
  • The support of all students by providing adequate learning resources and facilities.
  • Open and effective communication with the student body.
  • Opportunities to develop additional skills for life after being in MPU.
  • The support and nurturance of successful students.
  • An awareness of students' needs and to the maintaining of a safe and caring environment in which all people are treated equally with fairness and respect.

What does MPU expect from its students?

  • To pursue their academic studies in an honest, ethical and responsible manner.
  • To actively participate in various learning opportunities provided by MPU.
  • To provide fair and constructive feedback on relevant aspects of their Faculty/Programme.
  • To enhance tolerance in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • To attain ethical standards in support of the values and mission of MPU.
  • To be aware of and follow the policies, procedures and regulations of MPU.
  • To seek and pursue their own learning experiences.
  • To engage in opportunities for self-development after their studies in MPU.

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