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Centre for Portuguese Studies

Centre for Portuguese Studies was established on 6 November 2012.  The main tasks of the centre are:

  1. Promote the study and research of Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking countries' culture;
  2. Provide Portuguese language training, especially teacher training;
  3. Strengthen cultural exchanges with Portuguese-speaking countries through different channels;
  4. Promote the publication of academic books related to the above fields.

Since its establishment, the Centre for Portuguese Studies has been committed to promoting Portuguese language and culture, continuously deepening research on Portuguese language teaching and cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and has held numerous international academic seminars, forums and academic lectures, such as “International Forum on Portuguese as a Foreign Language in China”, “Lecture Series with Sino-Portuguese Celebrities”, and so on.  The Centre also actively promotes the publication of academic books in the above fields, and has published over 30 Portuguese textbooks and academic monographs.  In terms of Portuguese language training, the Centre has carried out training programs in the fields of Portuguese language teaching, literature and Sino-Portuguese cooperation.  In addition, the Centre has long attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with local and overseas academic institutions, communities and government organizations, and jointly established the “Greater Bay Area Portuguese Language Education Alliance”, “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Sino-Portuguese Youth Exchange and Cooperation Base”, and so forth, continuously deepen Macao's role as a “Sino-Portuguese platform”.

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