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Global Portuguese

Global Portuguese is a fine Portuguese textbook specially designed for Chinese Portuguese learners.  It is jointly created by the Macao Polytechnic University (formerly Macao Polytechnic Institute) and the University of Lisbon in Portugal.  It is one of the most widely used teaching materials in language teaching.

Global Portuguese was created by a ten-year collaboration between the Macao Polytechnic University and the University of Lisbon in Portugal.  The textbook writing team has extensive Portuguese (as a foreign language/second language) teaching experiences and has written and published multiple sets of Portuguese textbooks.  In order to make this set of textbooks more in line with the usage habits of Chinese students, the writing team heard the opinions of many Chinese Portuguese teachers and students, and fully considered the methods and habits of Chinese students in learning Portuguese.  This set of teaching materials is more suitable for Chinese students than other similar teaching materials in the market. 

Global Portuguese is written in accordance with the “Common European Framework of Reference for Language: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” formulated by the European Commission.  This perfect system not only provides guidance for Portuguese teachers’ classroom teaching, and also provides a reference platform for self-students.  The complete set of textbooks is developed step by step, using the communicative teaching method as the guiding principle, choosing topics close to daily life, penetrating grammar knowledge into the article, and focusing on the improvement of learners' actual language ability.  In addition, cultural features have been added to the textbooks, so that while learning language knowledge, learners have a deeper understanding of the customs, literature and culture of the language target country.


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