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Journal of One Country Two Systems Studies

Recommended articles (Chinese only)

Article Author Issue
The Macao Practice of “One Country, Two Systems”: Features, Reasons and Predictions XU Chang Issue 1, 2020
New Changes and Developments of the Administrative System in Mainland China: An Analysis Based on the Reform Path YANG Jiejun Issue 1, 2020
On the Scope and Boundary of the Central Government’s Overall Jurisdiction LI Lue Issue 4, 2018
On the Revision of the General Principles of the Contract Law Part in the Civil Law Code WANG Liming Issue 1, 2018
On the Legal Nature and Effect of the Sino-British Joint Statement and the Sino-Portuguese Joint Statement XU Chang Issue 2, 2017
On the Scientific Functional Position of Associations in the Macao Basic Law LOU Shenghua Issue 1, 2017
On the Validity of the Constitution in the Macao SAR HAN Dayuan Issue 1, 2016
The Implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy and the Rule of Law Construction in China HUANG Jin Issue 1, 2015
Reviewing Macao’s Successful Implementation of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy from the Perspectives of Legal History HE Qinhua Issue 1, 2015
On the Relationship between “Two Systems” under the “One Country” Framework: Co-existing or Confronting? LOK Wai Kin Issue 1, 2015
On the Correct Understanding of the Amendment of the Basic Law IEONG Wan Chong Issue 1, 2015
Reflections on the Perfection of Constitutional Provisions on the President of the People’s Republic of China MA Ling Issue 4, 2014
The Basic Law and the Legal Development of the Macao SAR CHIO Heong Ieong Issue 3, 2014
The Executive Authorities and the Legislature in the Political System of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Albert Hung Yee CHEN Issue 1, 2014
An Analysis of the Historical Evolution and the Implemental Effectiveness of the Central Government’s Policy towards Macao LENG Tiexun Issue 3, 2013
On Standard of Legislative Technology and the Legislative Technology of Macao WANG Lingguang Issue 1, 2013
Gaming’s Multiple Roles as a “Dragon-head” WANG Wuyi Issue 4, 2012
The Characteristics of Democratic Regime Development in Macao YIN Yifen Issue 3, 2012
Power Distance, Ethical Belief and Tolerance of Unethical Behaviors: Statistics from Stated-owned Companies in the Mainland TIAN Qing Volume 7
The Right of Formulating the Administrative Regulations of the Macao SAR and its Solution from the Perspective of Jurisprudence Study CHANG Xu Volume 6
On the Idea of “Scientific Policy Making” in Government Administration TAN Tao Volume 6
A Historical Review – the Taiwan Problem: 1949-2008 WANG Jinxiang Volume 5
The Origin of Dominium and the Legitimacy of the Continuity of its System: An Interpretation of the Individual Property Protection in the Macao Basic Law TONG Io Cheng Volume 4
Adjusting the Thoughts, Uniting the Concept: On the Establishment of Mutual Transferring System of Fugitives from Justice between the Mainland China and Macao ZHAO Guoqiang Volume 3
The Myth of Federalism: A Case Study of the Quebec Province in Canada WANG Changbin Volume 3
On the Space in the Application of Law and Judicial Independence: German Laws as an Example FAN Jianhong Volume 3
The Embarrassment and its Way Out of the Macao Law: Portuguese-based or Localization XIE Gengliang Volume 2
On Responsible Society and Government Responsibility YING Songnian Volume 2
The Basic Law and the Macao Pattern under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy RAO Geping Volume 1
On the Supervision Ability of the Legislative Council under the Administration-oriented System LIU Dexue Volume 1
On the Amendment of the Macao Basic Law MAI Man Ieng Volume 1
On the Relationship between Legal Education and Judicial Admittance System MI Jian Volume 1


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