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Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) is committed to academic excellence through research. MPU places a dual emphasis on both teaching and research. In order to generate new knowledge and bring value to the Macao society, MPU supports and encourages academic staff to launch research projects and participate in academic activities in their areas of expertise. Research informed teaching is also a key goal of the University.

Since 2001, MPU has established mechanisms in order to assist research projects and to achieve the management’s strategy of standardising research management that adheres to top international standards. With the generous support of the Macao SAR Government and various local and international research funding bodies, academic research, publication and academic staff participation at academic conferences are well supported. MPU has developed a systematic approach to its management in order to ensure that all its programmes are well-developed in a fair and collaborative academic atmosphere.

To bring value to the local community, MPU encourages its staff to cooperate with local institutions to establish consultancy projects. MPU is authorised by different departments of the Macao SAR Government to investigate, analyse and study with respect to social livelihood, public policy, economic development and information technology.

Through its continuous development, MPU currently has an excellent team of academic staff that is experienced in conducting research. A wide range of research areas have been established that are in cooperation with well-known universities and institutions. Research covers professional areas related to the different academic programmes at MPU that leads to enhancement in research informed teaching. MPU academic staff have achieved major academic awards such as “Outstanding Achievement Awards for Research in Macao Humanities and Social Sciences”, “CASS Achievement Awards for Research in Science and Technology”, and a “State Scientific and Technological Progress Award”. In addition, the MPU research project titled “Towards constructing a new model for international talent training – Internationally Recognized Engineer Education Program: Theory and Practice” win the “National Teaching Achievement Award 2018”, in a national-level award selection which is held every four years by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Outstanding papers published in core journals are increasing year by year, and the academic implications of this is recognised at local, national and international levels.

After the Central Government unveiled the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the region has endeavored to enter a new era of development and is dedicated to become an International Innovation Centre of Science and Technology. As one of the four sci-tech innovation corridors, Macao has its priority of innovation and technology, which is also a good opportunity for Macao to push forward its moderate economic diversification. In recent years, MPU made considerable progress and achieved exceptional outputs in scientific innovation. Looking ahead, MPU will leverage on its multi-disciplinary resources to further enhance its scientific innovation capacities in various laboratories, actively integrate into the mainstream innovation developments of China and worldwide, and create an environment for our academic staff to thrive. The postgraduate programmes and research projects creates a research atmosphere for students, and creates a platform for academic staff to enhance their research capabilities which is a crucial in their career development. With an aim to nurture more scientific and technological talents, we will implement strategies to support our talents in their innovative activities, ensuring that they could devote their time and efforts in teaching and research, thus paving way for more talents to succeed.

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