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Issue 1, 2023


The Triple Mechanism of Supervision and Impementation of the Chinese Constitution and its Improvement ZHAN Pengwei, HUANG Mingjian
On the Difficulties of Natural Person's Personality and Personality Rights from a Multi-disciplinary Prespective HUANG Qinghua
The Legislative Revision of the Right to Disgorgement in the Company Law of the People's Republic of China LI Fei, PANG Qianyue
The Exploration of the Constitution of Chinese Lawyers' Code of Conduct from the Perspective of Norms JIANG Dengfeng, TANG Yingying
Research on the Legal Orientation of Anti-suit Injunction and Anti-enforcement Injunction:
Taking the International Parallel Litigation Cases of Standard Essential Patents as the Object of Investigation
ZHONG Xiaokai
Unification of Fragmented Maritime Rules under the "Belt and Road" Initiative and its Reference for China CHEN Shi
Design Thinking and its Implications for Public Service Innovation in the Macao SAR Government: Taking E-Government as an Example LI Ke, ZENG Zhonglu
From Generalized Cooperation to Deep Cooperation: Thoughts on Promoting Guangdong-Macao Cooperation LIN Zhicong, YANG Zhengjie, LIANG Yuqing
The Convergence of Guangdong andf Macao Rules under the Background of the Innovative Governance Model of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin LI Yuxiao
On the Administrative Punishment in the Law Enforcement of Urban Management in Hong Kong HUANG Shuo
The Discussion on the Application and Contest in Specific Circumstances of the Crime of Mercantile Fraud and the Crime of Sales, Circulation of Concealment of Products of Articles FOK Ka Seng
On the Rights Protection Systems in the Macao Special Administrative Region ZHANG Yong


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