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Issue 1, 2021


Criminal Prevention of Endangering Public Health Behavior:
Focus on The Amendment XI to the Criminal Law
On the Legalization of Social Governance and Its Evaluation Standards ZHANG Demiao
The Shortcomings of Rule of Law in Social Governance and The Overcome:
Taking the social “Anti-Epidemic” as an Example
YANG Jiejun
Double Legal Liability for Civil Servants Breaking the Law:
A Comparation of the Civil Servants’ Legal Systems Across the Strait
XIAO Zecheng, WEI Keshun
Research on Juristic Interpretation and Implementation Example of the Central’s Overall Governance XU Chang
Summary of the Academic Seminar on the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2021
An Empirical Research on the “Appearance” of the PRC Constitution in the Judgements of the Courts in the Hong Kong SAR and the Macao SAR LIU Mengni
Britain’s Unconstitutional Review inside the Principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty GAN Jianhua
A Study of Extraterritorial Application of the “Mandatory Rule” in the Private International Law HAO Zhaoliang
A Study on the Questions Activeness of the Members of Legislative Assembly of the Macao SAR and Its Related Factors TANG Chunlin, ZHANG Jinghua
A Review of the Study on the Coordination of Rule of Administrative Law among Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao FENG Zehua
Future of Mainland-Hong Kong Cross-Border Insolvency Judicial Assistance XIE Xiaodan, WANG Qianhua
Marriage Registration System in Mainland China: Origin, Dilemma and Countermeasures YANG Tiezheng
Mediation Mechanism in Investment Dispute Settlement: Functions, Cases and Trends SU Weikang
Debating the Legitimacy of Macao’s Special Stamp Duty VONG Chi Hou


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