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Issue 1, 2020


Message from the Editorial Board
The Macao Practice of “One Country, Two Systems”: Features, Reasons and Predictions XU Chang
New Changes and Developments of the Administrative System in Mainland China: An Analysis Based on the Reform Path YANG Jiejun
Legal Reform and “One Country, Two Systems” ZHAO Guoqiang
The Retrospect and Prospect for the Moderate Economic Diversification in Macao ZHANG Yuge
Comments on Current Political Affairs: the Summary of the Seminar Evaluating the Review of the Government’s Work in the Fiscal Year 2019
On the Restraint of Hong Kong Residents’ Right to be Elected by the Definition of “Patriot” YAO Guojian, GUO Siyuan
On the Legal Guarantee of the Construction of International Science and Technology Innovation Center in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area FENG Zehua, ZHAN Pengwei
The Basic Principles and System Construction of China’s Securities Demonstration Mechanism HAO Guoqing
On the Mechanism Construction of Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method in Macao CHEN Defeng
A New Probe into the System of Document Service and Investigation and Taking of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Cases between Mainland China and Macao SONG Xixiang, SONG Lulu
Comparative Research on the Legal System of Nature Protected Area in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area XIE Wei
The Role of Rotterdam Rules in Promoting the Unification of Rules on International Sales of Goods by Sea: From the Unification of Form and Substance to Unification of Guarantee CHEN Shi
An Analysis of the “Intention” of the Crime of Evading Responsibility in the Road Traffic Law: Comment on Appeal No. 191/2017 of the Intermediate Court of the Macao SAR FOK Ka Seng


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