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Lecture Series with Sino-Portuguese Celebrities

In order to further play the important role of Macao Polytechnic University in the close communication between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and enrich the connotation of Macao as a “Sino-Portuguese Platform”, Macao Polytechnic University has specially launched a series of lectures in the “Lecture Series with Sino-Portuguese Celebrities”, inviting varied speakers from China and Portuguese-speaking countries.  Well-known experts and scholars visited Macao Polytechnic University to analyze and discuss topics such as Sino-Portuguese culture, education, economy and trade, science and technology innovation, regional studies, and so on, share cutting-edge views with Chinese and Portuguese scholars and professionals in related fields, and jointly promote the diversified development of Sino-Portuguese cooperation, which fully demonstrates the role of Macao as a window connecting Portuguese-speaking countries.


1st Lecture (2021)


2nd Lecture (2021)


3rd Lecture (2022)


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