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Issue 3, 2020


The Principles of Facts, Senses and Laws in Administrative Confirmation YANG Jiejun
On the Application of Epidemiology Causality Theory in the Cases of Epidemic Crimes: Based on the Practice of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention DU Hui
On the Transitions and Current Situation of the Law Enforcement System of Macao Municipal Administration HUANG Shuo
A Comparative Analysis of the Auditing System in Cross-strait Four Regions ZHU Huiping, XU Rui
Deliberative Democracy in the British Constitution:
Based on the Perspective of the Classic Text of the British Constitution
GAN Jianhua
On the Negative Influence of Justices’ Interpretation in Taiwan LI Xiaobing
How to Go Out of the Dilemma of Low Standards of Human Rights in the Implementation of The Civil Law Code:
form the Perspective of Personal Injury Compensation
HUANG Qinghua
Research on the Role of Hong Kong and Macao in Facilitating the Country’s Comprehensive Opening-Up Strategy WEI Jianxin
An Analysis on the Issue of Non-resident Graduates Employed in Macao with Multiple Streams Framework CHEN Zixia, YIN Yifen
Research on Juvenile Crime Prevention in Macao LOK Cheng
The Potential Impact of the Sino-U.S. Trade War on Macao’s Economy and Its Countermeasures SHENG Li
Epidemic Prevention and Safeguarding National Security  
The Fundamental Rights of the Residents and Culture and Social Affairs in the Macao Basic Law  
The Foci of Macao during the Epidemic Period:
Corporate Social Responsibility, Job Guarantee and Economic Diversification


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