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Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery (AIDD) was established at Macao Polytechnic University in 2022. Relying on the excellent research foundations in both the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports, the centre is a multidisciplinary innovation platform for drug discovery in Macao SAR, China and beyond. The centre combines different core research fields, including AI, computational chemistry, computational biology, and pharmacy, into one topic. This integration will not only promote biomedicine development and high-tech industries in Macao SAR, China but also enhance the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical industry in China.

The centre incorporates the latest cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence and biomedicine, with special focus on in-silico drug screening, de novo drug design, and lead compound optimization. In this way, the R & D efficiency will be improved, and biomedical research translation can be accelerated. More importantly, the cooperation between universities and enterprises, and the transformation of scientific research will be promoted.

The centre plans to offer doctoral programmes from the academic year 2023/2024 and onwards. With recruitment of 20-30 students per academic year, talents will be trained in the cross-disciplines of AI and drug design, preparing the brains for future technical leaders in both academia and industry for the related areas.

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