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Director's Message

Welcome to the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery (AIDD), Faculty of Applied Sciences, Macao Polytechnic University.

Centre of AIDD has been established since 25th April, 2022. The centre has five major goals:

  • Cultivate high-level interdisciplinary technical talents
  • Develop academic excellence in artificial intelligence driven drug discovery
  • Collaborate with pharmaceutical industry to develop new drug pipelines
  • Incubate potential AI-driven drug discovery CRO
  • Incubate potential start-up companies with promising drug candidates

Artificial intelligence drug discovery is a brand-new interdisciplinary academic subject with potential translation capability. Everything is new under the sun. We would strive to achieve the captioned five goals in high academic standards; I would also have a “can-do” attitude of a humble servant, faithfully serving our stakeholders, including our teachers and students, our academic research collaborators, and our industrial partners in drug discovery and development.

It is sincerely wished that our teachers and students will flourish in the newly established AIDD centre. Researchers, scholars and students are warmly welcome to join our MPU family. Let us work together for academic excellence in AIDD, leading to academia-industry collaboration, Macao's economy diversification, and real contributions to pharmaceutical industry in Asia and beyond. 

Prof. Tong Hoi Yee

Director of Centre for Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery

Professor Tong Hoi Yee, Henry


Tel (853) 8599 3438
Office M710, 7/F, Meng Tak Building


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