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Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence


The evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) has driven breakthrough changes across a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, finance, agriculture, health care, retail, and entertainment. AI has been identified as the key technology for future digital economy in China and around the world and the job market for AI graduates will be enormous. Macao Polytechnic University has a solid foundation in AI teaching and research staff and research centers (Engineering Research Centre of Applied Technology on Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence, Centre in Artificial Intelligence Driven Drug Discovery, etc.) and will adopt the existing academic-accredited student support system and the time-tested quality assurance processes of the University. Students are able to explore areas they wish to focus (including Image and video processing; Natural Language and Speech Recognition; Big Data Analysis; AI driven drug discovery). This helps students to enhance their knowledge of modern technologies and recent advancements in artificial intelligence, determine the topic for their research project and area of interest for subsequent professional development including AI system design and development in Internet enterprises, AI-powered industries and government agencies as well as further studies in relevant Master and PhD programmes.


  • Study plan is streamlined to meet talent demands and accommodate recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Students can select their study direction in AI through a wide selection of elective modules
  • Supported by our leading research centers in Machine Translation and AI, and AI Driven Drug Discovery
  • Many internship and research opportunities from our close collaborations with the industries and overseas universities
  • Opportunities for outstanding students to conduct research at a renowned university in the US and Europe during their studies


Disciplinary Skills

  • Ability to apply necessary mathematical techniques to model, analyse and devise solutions to complex problems
  • Ability to apply software, hardware and programming skills to design and implement AI related projects
  • Ability to conduct advanced analytical and interpretative tasks


4 years

Credit requirements

126 credits

Teaching Language




Career Prospects

The development of digital economy and smart manufacturing, smart finance, smart agriculture, health care, smart home, smart city, smart logistics, robotics has a huge demand for talents and experts in AI and currently the graduates supply is far less compared to demands. We believe our graduates will have a wide range of opportunities in Internet companies, industries as well as research institutes and government departments and agencies.


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