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Scholarly Activities

2024-05-02 Dr. Zhang Qingpeng, Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong, delivered an academic lecture titled "Biology-Inspired Machine Learning Approach for Characterizing Drug Mechanisms" at our university
2024-02-22 Academic Seminar: Review of Recent Work on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
2023-12-04 Academic Exchange Seminar: Computation-Guided Control of Peptide Self-Assembly
2023-11-07 Academic Seminar: Research and Application of AI in drug discovery and biosciences
2023-08-23 Macao Polytechnic University Delegation Explores Collaborative Research Exchange with Zhuhai Center for Disease Control and Prevention
2023-08-22 Research Seminar: Machine Learning-based Binding Affinity Prediction for Protein- ligand Complexes
2023-08-07 Macao Polytechnic University and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a symposium on "Artificial Intelligence and Drug Discovery"
2023-07-18 Academic Seminar: AI in the Application of Natural Product Drug Research and Graph Deep Learning Algorithm and its Application in Drug Discovery
2023-05-20 "Chinese Medicine - Artificial Intelligence" Academic Forum
2023-04-13 Academic Seminar: Hong Kong Genome Project (HKGP)
2022-12-11 Group activity: Visiting the Maritime Silk Road and promoting friendship
2022-12-05 Academic Seminar: Drug Research of Icaritin Soft Capsules for the Treatment of Liver Cancer
2022-12-01 Academic Seminar: Research of antidote GMDTC for heavy metal cadmium poisoning
2022-11-10 Academic Seminar: Commercialization of Technology
2022-10-07 Academic Seminar: Research and Application of Regularized Machine Learning Methods on Big Data Analysis
2022-09-21 AIDD centre holds commencement ceremony for 2022 freshmen
2022-05-25 "Intelligent Bay Heart, Creative Future"— Guangzhou Nansha IT Park Delegation Visits MPU


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