Alumni Sharing

Sam Iat Tou

Graduate of  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

"During my studies, MPU has given us the opportunity to travel overseas for internships in medical organizations and higher education institutions, where I have made friends of like-minded and broadened my perspectives of the world. Before I graduated, I was lucky enough to have made my debut in public speaking at international conferences. Truly valuable and memorable experiences!"

Lo Kam Man

Graduate of  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

"In the process of learning, I come to realise the importance of the nursing profession for society. Moreover, the fruitful internship experiences also awaken my responsibility and meaning of being a professional nurse - to influence others with myself."

Lam Si Chon

Graduate of  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

"I have gained a lot from the wealth of professional theories and clinical experiences in this programme, laying down a solid foundation for my devoting to the nursing industry and serving the society."

Chan Chi Ian

Graduate of  Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

"Here at MPU, we can find a comprehensive learning environment, well-established nursing laboratory equipment, teachers who always put their students first, and lots of internship chances abroad. We’re fully prepared with professional knowledge, skills and attitude required to become a competent nursing professional."


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