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MPU Introduction

Macao Polytechnic University is a comprehensive and public university distinguished by high standard of scholarship in both teaching and applied research. Established in 1981, it was formerly known as the University of East Asia Polytechnic Institute, which became Macao Polytechnic Institute in 1991 and was renamed as Macao Polytechnic University on 1 March 2022. In line with its motto “knowledge, expertise, global vision”, the University strives for international excellence in teaching and learning, research development and community outreach, adhering to its long-standing commitment to serving Macao and the country.

Diversified Education System

With the strong support of the Macao SAR and the national governments, the University leverages its academic strengths in sustainable enhancement of teaching and research, taking on an active role in promoting Macao’s higher education development. Currently, the University has six faculties respectively in Applied Sciences, Health Sciences and Sports, Languages and Translation, Arts and Design, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business, offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in fields of study such as technology and innovation, health sciences, sports sciences, languages and translation, arts and creativity, public administration, social services, business and administration. Through the diversified education experience being offered, the University cultivates students to become quality professionals with global vision in respective specialised areas.

Quality Teaching and Learning

In pursuance of excellence, the University has been proactive in optimising educational quality through academic accreditation. Being the pioneer in higher education quality assurance in Macao, the University is the first higher education institution (HEI) in Asia having a successful institutional review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK. Its education provision has been widely acclaimed in academic reviews by authoritative quality assurance bodies and professional institutions at home and abroad. As recognitions of its commitment to quality teaching and learning, the University is the first and only HEI in Macao to have twice secured the “National Education Achievement Award in Higher Education”, which is the highest award for teaching excellence in China. It is also the only HEI in China receiving the Asia-Pacific Quality Awards three times from the Asia-Pacific Quality Network.

Interdisciplinary Research

The University strives to contribute to the intellectual scholarship through interdisciplinary research and innovation. Significant research input is devoted at the University to the development of major research areas such as technology and innovation, Chinese-Portuguese-English translation, environment protection, intangible cultural heritage, gaming management as well as arts and creativity, which are powered through an array of research centres and laboratories. Research products are developed out of this interdisciplinary research to promote knowledge and technology transfer. Currently, patented research outputs of the University are widely utilised by public services or higher education institutions in Macao and the Chinese Mainland as well as in Portugal, Italy, France and Thailand. Vigorous research collaboration is upheld with partners such as the University of California Los Angeles, Queen Mary University of London, University of Lisbon, University of Coimbra, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Sun Yat-sen University. Joint ventures in the forms of research installations, research projects, researcher training, academic conferences and seminars are incorporated to facilitate innovation. 

Global Networks

The University boasts a robust network of international partnerships fostering academic exchange and collaboration. Sustainable partnerships have been established with renowned universities, organisations and corporations based in countries or regions such as the US, the UK, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan with scopes of collaborations ranging from academic exchange, research collaboration, joint laboratories to dual degree and joint programmes. In concert with its globally-diversified collaboration and faculty profile, the University attracts annual enrolment of international students from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, constituting an internationalised campus constructive for intercultural communication and understanding.

Community Outreach and Sustainability

The University is devoted to applied research and community services that are able to contribute to the sustainable development and the economic diversification of society by means of fostering scholarship of social relevance and life-long learning in areas that have a direct impact on people’s livelihood, such as culture and creativity, gaming and tourism, nursing and healthcare, sports and physical education, and public services. Members of the University contribute their academic visions to the socio-economic and cultural development of Macao by serving as chair or members at various advisory committees as entrusted by the Macao SAR Government, conducting policy studies and carrying out research projects of immediate relevance to the society. In the Times Higher Education World University Impact Rankings 2023, the University is ranked 101 – 200th in the scope of Sustainable Cities and Communities as well as Decent Work and Economic Growth respectively.

As a way forward, adhering to its long-standing commitment to quality and student-centred education, the University will further maximise its academic strengths, continuously enhance its education provision, and sustain the synergistic development of teaching and research, contributing to laying down yet another milestone in the development of Macao and the country.


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