We are committed to motivating development, cultivating talents and giving back to the society. Macao Polytechnic University comprehensively serves the society in different ways through quality education, research, innovative collaboration as well as involvement in the society.

Sustainable Cities

We are dedicated to contributing to the sustainability of the city through an array of continuous projects, developing our potential capacity of academic research in artificial intelligence, intangible heritage, culture and creativity as well as health sciences. Our Sustainability Policy provides a framework for adopting constructive sustainable practices at the University.

Outreach Activities

To enhance the interaction between the local community and the University, we organise different kinds of outreach activities. Students and staff engage themselves in the society.

Life-long Learning

We embrace the concept of life-long learning. The University provides open lectures, e-learning resources, health-related education, vocational training to our students, staff and public audiences.


We boast a robust network of partnerships fostering academic exchange, outcome-based education, research collaboration, dual degree and joint programmes with prestigious institutions, corporations and organisations around the world.


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