Sustainable Cities

Smart City

Our interdisciplinary research and innovation drive the academia-industry synergy of developing into a smart city. Cutting-edge research outputs focusing on distinctive academic areas make a way out with evolutionary visions and an ultimate goal in making the world a better place to live.

Enhanced Blockchain Internet of Vehicles  |  Density Detection  |  Concatenate-designed Neural Network  |  Machine Translation

Environmental Protection

Everyone has the responsibility to protect our environment. Developing the potential capacity of academic research for sustainability, the University pays efforts in tangible historic preservation and environmental protection through big data and use of renewable energy.

Real-time Environmental Monitoring System - Canarin  |  Sun Powered Mobility  |  Environmental Management

History and Heritage

The University develops and maintains a wealth of oral history collections about Macao's preservation of its intangible cultural heritage. We work closely with various NGOs to discover and preserve the valuable memories of the city.

Research on Intangible Cultural Heritage  |  International Conference on Oral History  |  Publication on Macao History and Culture  |  National Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements  |  Macao News Collection on Anti-Japanese War

Arts and Creativity

With the longest history in offering arts programmes among Macao higher education institutions, we take the initiative of offering a diversity of artistic expressions, invigorating infinite imagination in the community and optimising the cultural ecology of the city.

"Art Macao" Annual Project  |  Building Revitalization and Urban Regeneration

Health and Well-being

Health and well-being are indispensable parts of maintaining sustainable cities. We are committed to play an important role in nurturing healthcare professionals and contributing to the society in different forms which work for citizens' health and well-being.

Peking University Health Science Center - Macao Polytechnic University Nursing Academy  |  Physique Monitoring


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