MPI Leads Research in Vehicular Network Security and Safe Intelligent Driving

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Macao Polytechnic Institute Associate Professor Kim Songkyoo

Dr. Kim Songkyoo (Amang), an associate professor in the School of Applied Sciences at Macao Polytechnic Institute, achieved outstanding research results in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) field on connected vehicle security. The achievement was published in the SCIE-indexed journal “Mathematics” in 2021, and the title of the publication was “Enhanced IoV Security Network by Using Blockchain Governance Game.” The international Journal “Mathematics” is considered to be in the top 7% of all Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and recognized transactions in the field of mathematics. At the same time, the paper was also recognized and collected in the SCIE and Scopus databases.

Together with advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), research in intelligent and self-driving vehicles is progressing rapidly. New research results may bring forward new products in IoV and the car industry. Dr. Kim proposed a design on Enhanced Blockchain IoV (EBIoV) by securing the vehicular network through the use of Blockchain Governance Game (BGG). Through blockchain technology, the BGG is a distributive stochastic model on preventing a network malfunction by attackers.

In fact, the EBIoV would be the first application of the BGG model. Apart from the security enhancement of IoV, the BGG model is expected to enhance the operational security models in other applications. Dr. Kim is currently leading a research team at MPI on formulating the foundation of the blockchain-based model and extending the design to game theory systems. Upon further extending the work in IoV, the technology will be transferred to the car industry for enabling safe and secured automated driving in the smart cities of the future. The full text is available at:

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