Life-long Learning

Open Lectures

Open lectures at the University are free and open access to public audience. Our open lectures focus on a wide variety of topics in the forms of seminars, conferences and workshops. Please feel free to check out our upcoming lectures from time to time.

Open Learning Resources

We develop open and user-friendly educational e-resources for free access to foster life-long learning in the community. Such scientific products and publications encourage people to learn freely and effectively around the world.

Proceedings of International Higher Education Conference  |  University Publications  |  Diz lá  |  Chinese-Portuguese News Learning App  |  Online Portuguese Language Learning Platform

Health-related Education

The University is committed to playing an important role in nurturing healthcare professionals and contributing to the society. We promote not only the physical but also the mental health-related education to our students, staff and communities by organising health sciences and sports activities as well as charitable fellowship programmes.

Service Learning  |  Health Sciences and Sports Activities

Vocational Training

Over 10,000 participants join our vocational training in areas of gaming and tourism, public services and language testing every year.

Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies  |  Centre for Continuing Education  |  MPU-Bell Centre of English  |  Language Training and Testing Services

Seniors Education

The Seniors Academy is the first academic unit in Macao enabling the elderly to study at a higher educational institution. We aim at providing opportunities of continuing education to senior citizens, enriching their knowledge and life expectations.


Our library system includes Macao Campus Library, Lam Kan Special Collection and Taipa Campus Library, all being situated adjacent to the living areas of the community. The libraries possess a plentiful collection as well as organise reading events and book exhibitions for academic purposes and public’s use.


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