Outreach Activities

Public Events

General public is welcome to participate in most of the University's events. We hold public events in different fields every year.


We excel in interdisciplinary research and innovation as a means to make its contributions to the sustainable development of humanities and societies. Such research studies focus on AI, machine translation, Portuguese language education, environment protection and intangible cultural heritage, which are powered through an array of research centres and laboratories.

Community Support

Community service is a worthy endeavour that pays forward to our society and enhances the wellness of the ones volunteering time and effort. Our members step into the community to provide professional consultations, life-long education, social services and mutual support to regular and ad-hoc committees and schemes.

COVID-19 Vaccination  |  Citywide Nucleic Acid Testing  |  Mask Purchase Service for Macao Higher Education Students Studying Overseas  |  Macao Book Carnival  |  Constitution and Basic Law Promotion in Secondary Schools


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