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Vice-Rector of University of Coimbra Shared Teaching and Research

Macao Polytechnic Institute held teaching & research seminar

Prof. Cláudia Cavadas, Vice-Rector from University of Coimbra, shared challenges of research and teaching

A delegation led by Prof. Cláudia Cavadas, Vice-Rector from University of Coimbra visited Macao Polytechnic Institute on 15th January 2020. The members included Prof. Edmundo Monteiro,  Prof. Marilia Curado and Prof. António José Mendes from the Department of Information Engineering. Prof. Cláudia Cavadas conducted a seminar entitled “The challenges to create new knowledge with impact and teaching the new generation of higher education students: challenges and opportunities” , which attracted many teachers and PhD students to participate.

Prof. Cláudia Cavadas shared the experience of enhancing research in quality and quantity in the University of Coimbra. Their research areas were integrated to the sustainable development goals formulated by the United Nations, in order to cope with the global challenges. The level of science and innovation continued rising through interdisciplinary research and co-operation with world prestige institution. As a teacher, Prof. Cláudia Cavadas shared challenges teaching the new generation. She talked about active learning methods to motivate students, for example: giving enough time for students to ask questions; dividing different groups to study the course content and presenting the group outputs in the classroom; using multi-media software to conduct in class interactions; and requiring students to draw concept maps.

The participated teachers and students gained a lot from this comprehensive seminar. Many teachers and students raised questions in the Q & A section, creating a lively ambiance.

The Doctoral Programme in Information Science and Technology, which is offered by the University of Coimbra in collaboration with Macao Polytechnic Institute, uses the teaching team of both schools to co-teach and co-supervise. The qualified graduates can attain the doctoral degree of the University of Coimbra. Based on the co-operation plan, the University of Coimbra will arrange professors to Macao Polytechnic Institute to conduct lessons and seminars regularly, and work with the research projects together.

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