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MPI Holds Online Workshops of Quality Assurance on Teaching and Learning

Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) recently organised two online workshops of quality assurance on teaching and learning to strengthen the teachers’ understanding of higher education and quality assurance and to improve the teaching standards of the Institute continually. MPI invited Dr Erica Lau, Vice Principal, Po Leung Kuk Academy of Professional Education, and Dr Kan Kam Chan, Programme Coordinator of the Social Work Degree Programme of MPI to host the workshops. The workshops attracted more than 100 teachers to participate.

In the workshops, Lau explained the overview of quality assurance of higher education, outcome-based teaching and learning design, student-centred assessment method, and how to promote the curriculum construction through various mechanisms of quality assurance. Chan shared the experience of teaching and programmes management of higher education in Hong Kong and Macao for more than 20 years, focusing on explaining the various aspects of quality assurance and analysing different cases.

MPI has been focusing on the quality of teaching and learning in higher education for years, and continually reviewing its quality assurance system. The Institute concerns the development of teachers and often invites experts and scholars in different fields to give workshops for improving the quality of teaching and learning. The teachers who attended the workshops thought that it helped to benefit and deepen their understanding of quality assurance, and that interacting with experts made it easier for them to understand the latest trends in quality assurance. In the workshops, they further learned that quality assurance is developed through the integration and analysis of various data as well as feedback from teachers and students to continuously optimise the long-term development of the programme curriculum and enhance the teaching and research level of higher education.

MPI holds online workshops to strengthen teachers’ understanding of quality assurance on teaching and learning

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