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Role of Year Tutors for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students and Academic Advisors for Doctoral Students

Year tutors and academic advisors are responsible for providing general support and guidance for an identified group of students throughout their period of study at the Macao Polytechnic University (hereinafter referred to as ‘the University’). Normally, upon admission, one year tutor is assigned to one cohort of students in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme; one academic advisor is assigned to one cohort of students in a doctoral programme. Fundamentally, every student is supported either by his/her year tutor or academic advisor during the whole course of their study at the University. The scope of services by a year tutor or academic advisor may include:

  • To establish and maintain cohesive and supportive relationships between students;
  • To arrange elections of student representatives;
  • To be available for consultation on all matters related to students’ academic experience;
  • To give students advice on learning problems;
  • To be the first point-of-contact in the event of personal problems;
  • To provide advice on career development or further studies;
  • To assist in organising student activities;
  • To distribute news or information from the University, the academic unit and the programme;
  • To collect any information or opinions from students;
  • To refer any specific student to appropriate institutional department(s) or personnel as deemed necessary;
  • To report significant academic problems of any specific students to Programme Coordinator (or the staff member serving as Student Affairs Leader);
  • To coordinate the provision of remedial work programmes where necessary;
  • To arrange at least one tutorial for students per semester or every three months, and submit a report per tutorial to Programme Coordinator /Student Affairs Leader; and
  • To maintain an accurate record of meetings and agreements.


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