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Student Survey

The University values highly its student-centered teaching philosophy. In order to put this into practice, student surveys are conducted. Through student surveys student opinions regarding the teaching performance of teachers and the quality of courses are collected, these contributing to both the improvement of teaching methods and better communication between teachers and students. Currently, two sets of questionnaires are utilized, these being the “Taught Learning Module and Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire” for theoretical courses and “Thesis/ Graduation Project and Supervisor Evaluation Questionnaire” for thesis and project courses.

Student surveys are conducted during the eleventh and twelfth weeks of each semester. The results of the student survey will be provided to Faculty Dean within one month following its completion, and to Programme Coordinators and teachers after the final examination results have been announced. Based on the collected data and feedback of students, an annual student survey report will be submitted each academic year to the Administrative Board as reference in teaching quality enhancement policies.

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