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Mapping of Graduate Attributes to Programme Intended Learning Outcomes & Learning Modules - Bachelor of Management

PILOs Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
  1. Core concepts, values and skills:
Students will master management concepts, values and skills for business including strategy development, critical thinking and problem solving using creative and logical analytical skills.
  1. Appropriate tools and technologies:
Students will apply tools and technologies appropriate to the business activities, systems and possesses in which they work.
  1. Lifelong Learners:
Students will apply theoretically based practical education to the work environment while becoming successful lifelong learners.
  1. Leadership:
Students will provide leadership while functioning as team, group and organisation members to accomplish goals.
  1. Legal and Ethical Values:
Students will exercise care by considering the legal, ethical and human value implications of personal, social and business activities, as well as the significance of business trends to the larger society.
  1. Effective Communication Skills:
Student will communicate clearly and effectively in the verbal and written forms and styles appropriate for the management profession.
  1. Intercultural Competence:
Students will commit to learn and practice management skills that will develop competencies required to live in a global community.
Year/Sem Learning Modules Type of Learning Modules Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
Y1-S1 Principles of Accounting I Compulsory
Introduction to Business Compulsory
Business Software Applications Compulsory
Microeconomics Compulsory
English I Compulsory
Putonghua I / French I / Japanese I / Portuguese I Compulsory
Y1-S2 Principles of Accounting II Compulsory
Principles of Management Compulsory
Business Computing with Internet Applications Compulsory
Macroeconomics Compulsory
English II Compulsory
Constitution and Basic Law Compulsory
Y2-S1 English III Compulsory
Business Law Compulsory
Principles of Marketing Compulsory
Business Mathematics Compulsory
Tourism Management Compulsory
Elective I: Macao History and Culture Elective
Elective I: Introduction to Public Administration Elective
Elective I: Introduction to Sociology Elective
Elective I: World Regional Geography Elective
Elective I: Business Chinese Elective
Elective I: Management Information Systems Elective
Y2-S2 English IV Compulsory
Business Finance Compulsory
Human Resources Management Compulsory
Business Statistics Compulsory
Small Business Management Compulsory
Putonghua II / French II / Japanese II / Portuguese I Compulsory
Elective II: Cost Accounting Elective
Elective II: Business, Government and Society Elective
Elective II: Environmental Management System Elective
Elective II: Event Management Elective
Elective II: Introduction to Psychology Elective
Y3-S1 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Compulsory
Business Communication Compulsory
English V Compulsory
Operations Management Compulsory
Total Quality Management Compulsory
Knowledge Management Compulsory
Y3-S2 Business Research Methods Compulsory
English VI Compulsory
Organisational Behaviour Compulsory
Leadership Principles and Practices Compulsory
Retail Management Compulsory
Customer Relationship Management Compulsory
Y4-S1 English VII Compulsory
Change Management Compulsory
Cross Cultural Management Compulsory
Strategic Management Compulsory
Graduation Report I Compulsory
Y4-S2 English VIII Compulsory
Crisis Management Compulsory
Business Policy Compulsory
Selected Topics in Management Compulsory
Graduation Report II Compulsory


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