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Mapping of Graduate Attributes to Programme Intended Learning Outcomes & Learning Modules - Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

PILOs Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
  1. Students are able to apply the marketing principles, concepts, theories in analysing the changing business environment.
  1. Students are able to demonstrate using related tools, technology and skills to generate proposals and solutions.
  1. Students are able to apply self and independent learning to leverage learned knowledge in practical life.
  1. Students are able to develop collaborative groups and synergy teams in achieving objectives and shared goals.
  1. Students are able to identify professional ethics from broad business conditions and practices.
  1. Students are able to communicate and present ideas effectively.
  1. Students are able to apply self-understanding and analysis of critical perspectives to issues in broad conditions for problem solving.
  1. Students are competent to associate in a diversified social and global community.
Year/Sem Learning Modules Type of Learning Modules Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude


Principles of Accounting I Compulsory        
Introduction to Business Compulsory
Business Software Applications Compulsory          
Microeconomics Compulsory        
English I Compulsory
Putonghua I/ French I/ Japanese I/ Portuguese I Elective      
Y1-S2 Principles of Accounting II Compulsory        
Principles of Management Compulsory
Business Computing with Internet Applications Compulsory            
Macroeconomics Compulsory        
English II Compulsory
Constitution and Basic Law Compulsory          
Y2-S1 Human Resources Management Compulsory  
Business Law Compulsory      
Business Mathematics Compulsory          
Principles of Marketing Compulsory
English III Compulsory
Elective I (List I) Elective            
Putonghua II/ French II/ Japanese II/ Portuguese II Elective      
Y2-S2 Business Finance Compulsory    
Business Statistics Compulsory        
Organisational Behaviour Compulsory    
Marketing Management Compulsory
English IV Compulsory
Elective II (List I) Elective            
Y2 1 Elective from group A Compulsory See below
Y3-S1 Business Ethics Compulsory        
Business Research Methods Compulsory    
Business Communication Compulsory
Consumer Behaviour Compulsory  
English V Compulsory
Y3-S2 Retail Management Compulsory    
Advertising and Promotion Compulsory
Services Marketing Compulsory
Marketing Research Compulsory
English VI Compulsory
Y3 2 Electives from group B Compulsory See below
Y4-S1 Strategic Management Compulsory      
Relationship Marketing Compulsory        
Graduation Report I Compulsory
English VII Compulsory
Y4-S2 Global Marketing Strategies Compulsory
Selected Topics in Marketing Compulsory
Graduation Report II Compulsory
English VIII Compulsory
Y4 2 Electives from group B Compulsory See below
Electives – Group A
Y2 Environmental Management System Elective        
World Regional Geography Elective        
Macao History and Culture Elective          
Business Chinese Elective        
Introduction to Public Administration Elective      
Introduction to Psychology Elective      
Introduction to Sociology Elective        
Tourism Management Elective    
Electives – Group B
Y3-Y4 Cost Accounting Elective          
Management Information Systems Elective            
Sales Management Elective  
Market Forecasting Elective        
Business to Business Marketing Elective  
Integrated Marketing Communications Elective
Product Innovation and Management Elective  


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