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Mapping of Graduate Attributes to Programme Intended Learning Outcomes & Learning Modules - Bachelor of Social Work

PILOs Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
  1. Be equipped with the fundamental ethics and values and that underlies the profession of social work.
  1. Broaden the knowledge base of social sciences.
  1. Acquire the knowledge and skills in major intervention methods in social work practice.
  1. Obtain substantial ability to criticise social policies of Macao and neighbouring regions.
  1. Gain basic knowledge and skills in social problem analysis and solving strategies, as well as social research methods and interpretation.
  1. Develop a high acceptance of social diversity and a skilful application of effective and diversified social work intervention.
  1. Be familiar with and able to command different kinds of social resources for social work practice.
Year/Sem Learning Modules Type of Learning Modules Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
Y1-S1 Information Technology Fundamentals Compulsory
English I Compulsory
Introduction to Psychology Compulsory
Introduction to Sociology Compulsory
Introduction to Social Work Compulsory

English II Compulsory
Self-growth and Ego Development Compulsory
Advanced Computer Applications Compulsory
Social Work in Macao Context Compulsory
Social Statistics Compulsory
Foundation Skills for Social Workers Compulsory
Y1 1 Elective – Group A Compulsory

English III Compulsory
Human Behaviour & Social Environment I Compulsory
Contemporary Social Problems Compulsory
Social Work Practice I: Individuals & Family Compulsory
Social Work Practice II : Groups Compulsory
Social Work Research Methods Compulsory

English IV Compulsory
Human Behaviour & Social Environment II Compulsory
Social Work Practice III: Organisation & Community Compulsory
Social Work and Law Compulsory
Health, Illness and Disability Compulsory
Social Welfare Policy Compulsory

English V Compulsory
Mental Disorders Compulsory
Social Work Administration Compulsory
Contemporary Social Work Theories    Compulsory
Family and Social Work Compulsory
Social Work Elective I – Group B Compulsory

Social Psychology Compulsory
Integrative Social Work Practice Seminar Compulsory
Social Work Elective II – Group B Compulsory
Fieldwork Practice I Compulsory

Philosophy and Ethics of Social Work Compulsory
Social Work and Diversity Compulsory
Social Science Elective I – Group C Elective
Fieldwork Practice II Compulsory

Selected Topics of Social Policy Elective
Gaming, Entertainment and Social Work Compulsory
Social Science Elective II – Group C Elective
Fieldwork Practice III Compulsory
Electives – Group A
Y1 Business Study Elective
Introduction to Chinese Culture Elective
College Chinese I Elective
Geography Elective
History and Culture of Macao Elective
Cultural Heritage Elective
Music and Film Appreciation Elective
Physical Education Elective
Philosophy Elective
Environmental Science Elective
Globalisation and Macao’s Economy and Polity   Elective
Electives – Group B
Y3 Social Work with Youth Elective
Social Work with Senior Citizens Elective
Social Work With Disadvantaged Groups             Elective
Social Work and Mental Disorders        Elective
Social Work and Disabilities      Elective
Social Work and Drug Abuse Elective
International Social Work Elective
Social Work and Social Policy Practice Elective
Selected Topics in Social Work Practice Elective
Electives – Group C
Y4 Social Welfare in China Elective
Comparative Social Security Policy Elective
Social Development Elective
Collective Behaviour and Social Movement Elective
Gender Studies Elective
Popular Culture Studies Elective
Crime and Deviance Elective
Death, Dying and Bereavement Elective
Human Sexuality Elective
Intimate Relationships Elective
Organisational Behaviour Elective
Selected Topics in Social Sciences Elective


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