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Mapping of Graduate Attributes to Programme Intended Learning Outcomes & Learning Modules - Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Therapy

PILOs Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
  1. Equip students with knowledge in behavioural sciences, speech and hearing sciences, as well as speech and hearing disorders.
  1. Equip students with knowledge in assessment, treatment, counselling and other professional knowledge related to speech, language and swallowing impairment.
  1. Enable students to employ professional techniques in assessment and intervention in language, speech and swallowing disorders.
  1. Enable students to demonstrate effective communication and teamwork skills.
  1. Enable students to demonstrate a high standard of professional ethics and attitudes of holistic care, respect and compassion.
  1. Enable students to recognise the international trend of speech and hearing disorders and develop the spirits of social involvement and lifelong learning.
Year/Sem Learning Modules Type of Learning Modules Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
Y1-S1 Linguistics Compulsory        
General Psychology Compulsory          
Introduction to Speech and Hearing Sciences Compulsory          
Medical English (I) Compulsory        
Putonghua Communication Compulsory        
Physical Education Compulsory        
General Biology Compulsory            
Information Technology Fundamentals Compulsory          
Y1-S2 Developmental Psychology Compulsory          
Introduction to Language and Speech Disorders Compulsory            
Phonetics Compulsory        
Anatomy for Speech and Language Compulsory            
Medical English (II) Compulsory        
English Communication Compulsory        
Introduction to Sociology Compulsory          
Constitution and Basic Law Compulsory
Y2-S1 Language Development Compulsory          
Essentials of Clinical Audiology and Hearing Disorders Compulsory          
Speech Science Compulsory          
Counselling in Communication Disorders Compulsory        
Articulation/Phonological Disorders Compulsory        
Statistics Compulsory            
College Chinese Compulsory        
History and Culture of Macao Compulsory          
Y2-S2 Child Language Disorders Compulsory          
Fluency Disorders Compulsory        
Acoustic Phonetics Compulsory          
Basic Practicum in Speech Language Pathology Compulsory
Behaviour Modification and Application Compulsory    
Special Education Compulsory  
Case Study of Speech Disorders in Children Compulsory        
Y3-S1 Swallowing Disorders Compulsory            
Motor Speech Disorders Compulsory      
Evaluation and Assessment of Speech and Language Disorders Compulsory      
Practicum in Communicative Disorders Compulsory
Treatment Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology Compulsory    
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Compulsory          
Professional Issues and Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology Compulsory        
Y3-S2 Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology Compulsory
Adult Language Disorders Compulsory          
Aural Rehabilitation Compulsory      
Voice Disorders Compulsory      
Case Studies of Speech and Language Disorders Compulsory
Communicative Disorders in Craniofacial Deficits: Cleft Lip and/or Palate Compulsory        
Seminar on Autism Compulsory    
Rehabilitation Medicine Compulsory          
Y4-S1 Clinical Practicum in Speech-Language Disorders Compulsory
Y4-S2 Independent Study of Speech-Language Disorders Compulsory
Social Welfare Policy Compulsory          
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Compulsory        


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