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MPI Portuguese E-learning Platform

Unit Commended: Centre for Portuguese Studies
Good Practice Recognised: MPI Portuguese E-learning Platform

Under the influence of the novel coronavirus epidemic, many changes have taken place in learning methods and approaches, and E-learning has gradually become a trend. In order to help students and other interested parties to learn Portuguese without leaving home during the anti-epidemic period, the Centre for Portuguese Studies integrates various Portuguese language teaching resources and launches the “MPI Portuguese E-learning Platform”.

The E-learning platform is opened to the public for free, providing Portuguese language learning related text, audio, and video learning materials, covering multi-scenes Chinese-Portuguese bilingual conversations, commonly used vocabulary, etc., so that users can learn Portuguese language knowledge without leaving the house and around the clock. In addition, the E-learning platform provides online learning content related to the culture of Portuguese speaking countries, showing Portuguese learners and other interested parties a rich and varied culture and language charm, highlighting Macao as a platform for communication and exchange between China and Portuguese speaking countries.

Since the platform was launched on 12th April, it has launched more than ten sessions of learning content, including topics such as daily dialogue, family, identity, age, occupation, weather, education, clothing, shopping, city, banking, business, etc. In addition, the platform also introduced countries with Portuguese as their official languages, World Portuguese Language Day, and Portuguese cuisine, etc., which are very popular among users.

Merits As a new learning method, E-learning is gradually accepted by people. E-learning can break through the limitations of time, space and distance with multi-terminal learning. With the improvement of multimedia technology, teaching and learning can get out of the classroom, and learners can easily obtain more resources through online methods.

Once the MPI Portuguese E-learning platform was launched, the response was enthusiastic. Many students and people who are interested in Portuguese language learning have logged in to obtain learning resources. The total number of clicks on the platform’s first learning session exceeds 6,000, indicating the user's interest on the platform.

MPI Portuguese E-learning platform breaks the traditional mindset of language learning, liberates students from the closed learning environment, and creates an interesting relaxed learning environment and atmosphere, thereby stimulating learners’ interest in learning.

The success of the MPI Portuguese E-learning platform shows that the new model of online learning has been recognized by the majority of learners. In the future, more E-learning platforms can be created to share more abundant online teaching resources, so that online learning can reach its full potential.


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