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Research on Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Macao Polytechnic University has continually cooperated with a number of non-governmental organisations to carry out the "Macao Intangible Cultural Heritage Oral History Project". So far in the research, 10 interview projects have been completed. Interviews with more than 100 people compiled over one million words in the interview manuscript. A large number of intangible cultural heritage documents, files and pictures have been collected.  The research results highly raised the public’s interests and concerns of Macao intangible cultural heritage. 


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  • The Beliefs of Nezha in Macao

Features on the Media:

MPI has cooperated with the Macao Daily News, a local newspaper with the highest circulation in Macao, to publish featured articles with pictures about intangible cultural heritage in Macao, including:

  • Cantonese Opera Treasures in the Greater Bay Area (8 April 2019, page B06)
  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Herbal Tea Culture (11 April 2019, page B09)
  • Carving Craft of Wood Carving God Statue (15 April 2019, B09)
  • Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao “Southern Music” Culture (18 April 2019, B12)
  • Taoist Ritual Music (22 April 2019, B05)
  • Fish and Drunk Dragon Festival (25 April 2019, B09)
  • A-Ma Beliefs and Customs (29 April 2019, B11)
  • Beliefs of Nezha and its Protection of Macao (2 May 2019, B09)
  • The East meets the West: Macanese Cuisine Cooking Skills (6 May 2019, B09)
  • Originating from Macao: Peranakan Drama (9 May 2019, B09)
  • Protecting the Land and the People: Earth God Beliefs Rooted in Macao (13 May 2019, B09)
  • The Cult of Chu Tai Sin: Water God Keeps the Peace (16 May 2019, B09)
  • Macau's Traditional Scaffolding Craft (20 May 2019, B09)
  • The Passion of Redemption: Catholic Procession of the Passion of Jesus for Three Hundred Years (23 May 2019, B09)
  • Catholic Procession of Our Lady of Fátima (27 May 2019, B09)

Videos on the Media:

Co-produced by MPI and the Macao Daily News, videos have been broadcasted on the “Macao Daily News” Youtube channel on Fridays.

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