Master Degree in Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Offered by Beijing Language and Culture University, in collaboration with Macao Polytechnic Institute

Programme Outline

The Master Degree in Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics (focusing on Translation Studies) is intended for those who wish to develop and enhance their competence in both Chinese and English languages and more importantly, their ability to translate from English to Chinese and Chinese to English. On completion, graduates will have acquired relevant knowledge about linguistics, literature and cultural studies that are conducive to students' translation competence. They will also have gained theoretical perspectives that help them better understand the process of translation and strategies employed in translating authentic texts.

Graduates may be able to work in the professions that require good understanding of translation and practical bi-direction (E-C and C-E) translation skills in multilingual contexts, including teaching or researching translation. They can also be competitive applicants for Ph.D. programs in linguistics or translation studies.

Mode of Study

Part-time (on the job)

Normal Duration of Study

3 years



Teaching Location

Macao Polytechnic Institute

Study Plan

Compulsory Subjects Credits
Advanced English-Chinese Translation 3
Advanced Chinese-English Translation 3
Contrastive Linguistics and Translation 3
Translation Methodology 3
Introduction to Semantics 3
Western Literary Criticism 3
Interpretation 3
Translation of Practical Texts 3
Translation Theories and Criticism 3
Stylistics 3
Literary Translation 3
Contrastive Studies of Western and Chinese Cultures 3

Teaching Medium

English and Chinese

Award of Degree

On successful completion of the course work, including the oral defence of the thesis, the candidate will be awarded Master's Degree by Beijing Language and Culture University in compliance with all relevant requirements of“Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees”.


The commencement of this Programme has been approved by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macao SAR in 2017 (Despacho do Secretário para os Assuntos Sociais e Cultura n.º 105/2017).