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Mapping of Graduate Attributes to Programme Intended Learning Outcomes & Learning Modules - Bachelor of Business Administration in Gaming and Recreation Management

PILOs Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
  1. Master basic and professional knowledge and theories related to gaming and recreation management, with multidisciplinary vision and theoretical literacy
  1. Integrate the knowledge acquired to understand and analyse professional topics in the field of gaming and recreation management
  1. Master and apply a series of general transferable skills, including language, communication, team collaboration, information technology, and data processing skills, to effectively meet requirements for learning and in the workplace
  1. Organise and assess literature and empirical data systematically and independently, and be able to analyse complicated problems in their daily work so as to generate corresponding counter-measures and solutions
  1. Professionally and competently perform the duties of gaming and recreation management personnel and do well in planning, organising, leading, controlling and developing
  1. Comply with the law, and possess awareness of ethical issues and social responsibility when performing duties in gaming and recreation management
Year/Sem Learning Modules Type of Learning Modules Graduate Attributes
Knowledge Base Application Acquisition Creativity Communi-cation Teamwork Global Vision Ethical Attitude
Y1-S1 Casino Table Game I Compulsory
Psychology Compulsory
Microeconomics Compulsory
College Mathematics Compulsory
Introduction to Gambling Industry Compulsory
English I Compulsory
Y1-S2 Business Software Applications Compulsory
Sociology Compulsory
Macroeconomics Compulsory
Casino Table Game II Compulsory
Statistics Compulsory
English II Compulsory
Constitution and Basic Law  Compulsory
Y2-S1 Financial Accounting Compulsory
Chinese Writing Compulsory
Business Communication and Public Relations Compulsory
Marketing Compulsory
Casino Mathematics Compulsory
English III Compulsory
Y2-S2 Introduction to Management Compulsory
Gaming Technology Compulsory
Management Accounting Compulsory
Organisational Behaviour Compulsory
Table Game Management Compulsory
English IV Compulsory
Y3-S1 Financial Management Compulsory
Management Research Methods Compulsory
Slot Management I Compulsory
Legal Environment of Business in Macao Compulsory
Service Marketing and Management Compulsory
English V Compulsory
Y3-S2 Slot Management II Compulsory
Human Resources Management Compulsory
Gambling Law Compulsory
Casino Equipment Management Compulsory
English VI Compulsory
Internship Compulsory
Y4-S1 Gaming and Recreation Management Seminars Compulsory
Graduation Research Project I Compulsory
Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling Industry Compulsory
Recreation Management I Compulsory
Responsible Gambling Compulsory
English VII Compulsory
Y4-S2 Leisure and Gambling Psychology Compulsory
Strategic Management of Gambling Companies Compulsory
Recreation Management II Compulsory
Graduation Research Project II Compulsory
Critical Thinking Compulsory
English VIII Compulsory


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