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We arrange accommodation for non-local students on arrival. There are five hostels at MPU, four of which are located on campus or its vicinity. Located within easy reach from our campus, hostels are comfortably furnished with wardens appointed to take care of our students’ needs. Various activities are regularly organised to enrich leisure time, enhance interpersonal exchanges and cultivate the team spirit of our students. Please follow this link for more details.

Datas Importantes
2022-10-15 ~ 2023-05-15Inscrição – Admissão aos Cursos de Pós-graduação 23/24
2022-12-01 ~ 2023-01-18Subject exemption – Applications open
2022-12-01 ~ 2023-01-18Inscrição – Exame de Admissão aos Cursos de Licenciatura 23/24
Número de instituições de estágio: 200+

Lam Pak HongGraduate of Public Administration
Courses in philosophy, political science, sociology and psychology equipped me with theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills, while those related to languages, management, law and computing improved my practical knowledge. Both aspects are very much helpful to my current job as a civil servant.