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We have general guidelines in place for students with disabilities, providing them an equal opportunity to be admitted and to be successful in their studies. For more details, please refer to the relevant webpage. MPU strives to maintain an excellent quality control on the provision of learning opportunities so that the rights of disabled students are respected. Such measures include:

  • All MPU staff members have the responsibility to support students with disabilities;
  • Policy for students with a disability has been formulated to support the provision of learning opportunities to students with disabilities;
  • In order to provide support to students with disabilities, barrier-free access to campus locations is available; classrooms on the ground floor and convenient parking lots are allocated to students with disabilities;
  • Financially-challenged students with disabilities could apply fellowship offered by MPU;
  • The counsellors provide individual support to students with disabilities;
  • To improve the disability support services and to make the necessary special arrangements in advance, a special section has been included in the MPU Application Form for declaring one’s disability;
  • Applicants to MPU and existing students have the right to disclose their disability, if any. This information will be used by the disability advisor to offer advice and support;
  • MPU is committed to treating students with disabilities equally, ensuring the equality of opportunity for students with disabilities in all aspects of their learning at MPI.

Please click here for details of special examination arrangements for students with disabilities joining the JAE.

Datas Importantes
Número dos estudantes que podem receber bolsas de estudo por ano: mais de 600 pessoas

Chiang Hoi ChengAluna de Mestrado em Artes Interdisciplinares
O estudo no Curso de Mestrado em Artes Interdisciplinares beneficia-me muito: este curso profissional oferece-nos a visão internacional, estimula o pensamento criativo e a aquisição de competências na combinação de diferentes áreas, construindo uma base muito profunda para o nosso futuro desenvolvimento no sector de arte.