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Doctor of Business Administration


The rapidly evolving world of global economy creates opportunities to the business community. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) aims to equip industry talents for success in their chosen career through consolidating management theories and strengthening research capabilities. Students will be able to generate cutting-edge academic excellence and pioneering research, enhance their skills in management flexibility and business criticism, visionize international business trends and make effective strategic decisions, which facilitate solutions to the challenges they face in the dynamic business world, to become high achievers who are more influential to the sustainable development of global economics.


  • Action-research based curriculum and evidence-based decision-making research geared with business innovation and corporate strategizing.
  • Designed with diversified emerging enterprise management topics to excel theoretical underpinnings in the chosen area of research and business governance in industry.
  • Led by renowned academics as well as invited scholars and business management elites to deliver advanced principles and share valuable industry experience, satisfying the needs of entrepreneurs and key decision-makers for enhanced knowledge and interchange.


Duration: 3 Years
Credit Requirements: 39 Credits
Medium: Chinese / English

Items Type of Students Tuition Fees (MOP)4,5
Full Tuition Fee 1 Macao students 288,000.00
Non-local students 450,000.00
Fee for Extension of Period of Study (Per Six Months) 2 Macao students 48,000.00
Non-local students 75,000.00
Retake Application Fee (Per Credit) 3 Macao students 7,200.00
Non-local students 11,500.00
  1. The programme’s full tuition fee should be settled in three instalments (3 years), i.e. each instalment with an amount of MOP96,000 for Macao students or an amount of MOP150,000 for non-local students. The remaining amount of tuition fee should be paid until the relevant programme's full tuition fee is settled when students complete the whole programme before the end of the normal period of study.
  2. Students who need to extend the period of study due to being unable to complete the programme within the normal period of study, should pay the relevant fees.
  3. Students who need to retake a failed module should pay the retake application fee.
  4. The tuition fee does not include any costs incurred for participating study visit(s). Students are responsible for all the costs related to the study visit(s) including transportation, dining and accommodation etc.
  5. The tuition fee instalment of the current period settled by students who have been approved for interruption of study or termination of study is non-refundable.


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