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Orientes do Português

ISSN: ISSN 2707-3122
e-ISSN 2707-3130
Period: Annually

Orientes do Português, the first Portuguese international academic journal in Asia, published by the Centre for Portuguese Studies of Macao Polytechnic University and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. All the papers strictly follow the standards and models of international academic journals. Orientes do Português is issued simultaneously in both printed (ISSN: 2707-3122) and electronic (e- ISSN: 2707-3130) versions.

The Journal contains articles on Portuguese linguistics, contact linguistics (Portuguese and Asian languages), teaching Portuguese as a second language, translation studies, literature studies of Portuguese-speaking countries, cultural studies of Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as the history, culture, literature, art and other related areas in the oriental regions influenced by the Portuguese-speaking countries and cultures.

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